Final four

I just wrote an article about my trip to the Final Four, it was really fun. Some of the stuff I didn’t mention are things that weren’t important with the games. My dad and I went to this burger place called Shake Shack. It was actually pretty good, they had crinkle cut fries which were pretty good as well.

I got a Mint Chocolate chip milk shake along with a “Shackburger”. The Shackburger is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and Shacksauce. Not really sure what the Shacksauce was, but it was a pretty good.

This is a link to their website, if you want to check it out.

The hardest part of coming back was the time change. I went back to school Wednesday, but I slept straight through my alarm and woke up at 8:30 because my dog came and barked at me. I also woke up at 7:40 the next day, so I now have 2 tardies in 2 days of the quarter.

Overall the trip was a blast and I’m glad I got to see UNC win the National Championship!


What has the world come to

I was browsing Netflix last night looking for a good show/movie to watch. I was just scrolling and came across maybe the dumbest show/movie I’ve ever heard of.

tomI’m sure you had the app Talking Tom whyou were younger. The cat that could repeat what you say. Yeah, they made a movie out of him. It’s called Talking Tom and Friends.

There are 47 episodes of this show. HOW? How does someone watch or even how do you come up with 47 different story lines with a talking cat and his friends. It even got 8.4/10 stars on IMDB. I haven’t watched it, but I’m pretty sure there is no way this show can be that good. It’s probably intended for kids, but I’m pretty sure Talking Tom was so y years ago.

The end of the season

Our 2016-2017 basketball season has been great. It’s been a lot of fun. This year we’ve won 16 games and lost 6. We have won a lot, but none of that matters now because it’s win or go home.

We play Goshen Saturday at Mason High School. We have already beaten them this year and it was a pretty heated game. They picked to play us in the tournament so they’re probably looking for revenge.

We have 7 seniors and this may be there last high school game ever. So hopefully we can win and keep winning so they can play as long as possible.

We have had tons of fun during this season. Practices and games. We’ve really bonded as a team and become close friends with one another. We just don’t want it to end.

2017 Lacrosse Season

The lacrosse team this year has one goal. That is to win the state championship. Which is probably every teams goal, but this year we have the right stuff. Most of the guys on the team have been putting in work since the fall. This is the first time I’ve seen or heard of people at Mariemont doing this.

The seniors this year are really dedicated to winning and are serious about workouts and such. We didn’t lose much from last year, but what we did lose I feel we have young talent that can fill those roles.

We have our starting goalie returning, 2 starting defenders, a new midfield, and a 1 starting attack man. Our midfield this year should have at least 3 good lines if not great lines. We have potential to be that deep. We have 2 college committed defenders and a few other really solid one. Our goalie, Eric Tassos, started as a junior so he will have the experience of playing in big time games and making big time saves.

Our attack will probably start 3 seniors which helps because they have experience. And we have a lot of junior and sophomore talent who could really contribute to the team. We might even have some freshman play up on Varsity who could help.

Overall I think we have a stacked lineup from top to bottom, we just need to maximize our potential and work everyday to get better.